Emotion Series

As part of the abstract series, Aly has generated a collection that is inspired by raw emotion or mental state. She continually expands her original collection and when completed, will be posted here. Please check back from time to time to see what is new and available. 

For pricing and availability of above art work as well as to inquire about commissions, please contact our sales department.

Angered Thought

Description: This original mixed media piece is inspired by raw angered emotion, as the name implies.  This piece merges both abstract acrylic work along with illustration to represent how the brains synapses would invoke anger.

Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas     Size: 24" x 36"


Fragmented Past

Description: This original mixed media piece represents a light and dark side of an emotional state at the same time.  On one side a person can be happy and joyful and at the same time be dark, hurt, and full of rage.

Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas     Size: Both 30" x 40"


Inspirational Thinking

Description:  An original mix media piece that was  inspired by music and the way it impacts our thoughts, moods, and outlook on life.  It shows how thoughts can be clear and defined or cloudy and unknown.  It shows that pathways toward a desired goal may be interrupted or redirected but sometimes the journey is more important then the destination.  Music can play a large role in emotion and can help someone find joy and happiness, if one is open to finding it.  This piece was donated to charity to support the John Warman Scholarship Fund.

Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas         Size: 24" x 18"