Aly Cohen, Artist 

Aly Cohen has a passion for art and applying it across various mediums and fields.  From cosmetics and fashion to murals, print media and canvas, Aly approaches every piece with a colorful brush and innovative mentality.  She sees the face, body, page, canvas, and wall as a blank slate to express her visions.

She excels at bringing complex mental images with deeper meaning by merging different tools and mediums in an artistic way.  Her latest abstract series integrates acrylic paint, pen, watercolor, airbrush, and collage.  She draws inspiration from her imagination, literature, nature, and children.  Her abstract work allows the viewer to emerge themselves into her world of creativity, free from limits and boundaries.

During her tenure at Maryland College of Art and Design, Aly was able to embrace her ability to illustrate and experiment with more mixed media concepts as well as transition those concepts into a more digital construct.  She appreciates the value of the computer but prefers more tactile applications, frequently combining the two to make interesting fine art-centric illustrations, fit for publication.

She is driven by those she feels cannot speak up for themselves, the simplicity of a young child to the endless unconditional affection of an animal.  She thrives on helping express their messages, for people to see deeper into them and to relate to what others may be feeling or seeing. She has worked with many clients to realize their vision for their children as well as themselves, by delivering custom murals and unique and personalized clothing.